Types of Lingerie

A Comprehensive Guide About Different Types of Lingerie

What are the things that make lingerie look more eye catching than any regular underwear? When we think this word standalone it will give us the images of femininity, attractiveness and even sense of power. There are various types of underwear. The correct set can fulfill your desire to be strong and brave while wearing a real preservationist matching suit without making an inappropriate impression. Right now, we talk about those ‘hidden from view’ things that can give each lady a unique glow, in the case of dressing for work or a night out.

Types of Lingerie

Dressing up for special events first start from inside and you feel secure in your body shape. There are different types of lingerie which is available from corsets to camisoles and many others in between. These have the power to enhance your body features while boosting your confidence.

16 Different Types of Lingerie

1. Lingerie Sets

Lingerie Set for women
Stylish Lingerie Set


When people think about the lingerie, matching tops and bottoms instantly comes to you mind. Matching sets have been deemed as a style and luxury. You can purchase it together like a bikini or you can purchase as separate items by including additional matching items.

Originally, a lingerie set comprises matching bra and panties, despite of the fact that there are different types of lingerie briefs which you can purchased that suits the shape and personal taste of every woman. The shading and material are typically precisely the same.

From racy lace that makes you feel attractive to cute patterns with fancy or stitch in details that make you feel young and womanly, a matching lingerie set can help every woman look and feel wonderful.

2. Corset

Negligee for women

Corset usually include single piece but sometimes it also includes bones and laces. you can adjust in order to fit in right shape. It is wear just under the breast to the hip bones or top of the leg. It is very helpful by appearing a tiny waist or improve intimate.

Traditional corset laces have pulled in very tightly. In modern ere corset can wear easily. Some women select a corset due to their ribbon effect and elongating seams. you can measure length from the rib cage or tapering off at the waist for a different effect.

Laces can seem on the lower back, front or on the sides. Corsets are classically romantic and feminine, whether or not chosen to create a extra alluring outline or truly to decorate your natural shape.

3. Bustier

Types of Lingerie
An elegant Bustier

Bustier is a hybrid form of corset and a bra. It has strong impact on bust than a general bra. You can use it to lift the breast as pushed up breast create the impression of a fuller bosom. This dress is ideal for ladies with small breasts and want to create impression of smaller waist.

4. Suspender Belt

Suspender belt for women

The Suspender belts are attached around the waist or just above the pants. It is in the form of straps attached in front and back with clips therefore these clips help to hold the top of stocking.

The main purpose of the straps to stop stocking from falling down but on the other hand it gives a more complex look. These straps help you to attract the attention of others towards waist and legs.

5. Teddy

Teddy Lingerie

The word sounds sweet and innocent, although a teddy can be particularly seductive as well as playful. It is a one-piece item that can make the body seem longer as it stretches all the way from the shoulders down to the built-in knickers.

Teddies available in lace, silk, mesh, or cotton. Its design is not restricted the body like a bustier or corset but instead gently envelop your curves. You can find in a variety of different styles with some panels that are more exposing or missing and a high-cut or longer leg.

Some teddies have falling necklines while some others are shaped into a sweet-heart neck or a simpler, straighter style. They can be sexy while obscure as they reveal less or more, depending on person taste. In short, a teddy can be flattering for a variety of different body shapes.

6. Negligee

Negligee for women

It is made of a very light material, such as lace or silk. It varies in length from lavish floor-length gowns to fun, shorter skirts that end above the knee.

Negligees  wear open or with a belt. This is a perfect way to wear lingerie without feeling too exposed. There is something stylish, romantic, and inimitably about wearing a floaty robe that feels elegant against the skin. When you wear it you feel special and confident.

It is available in different length. you can chose it as per your body styles. Women prefer shorter styles as it drawing attention to your legs while very long gowns creating the impression of stretching out the body and accentuating the waist.

7. Babydoll

Babydoll lingerie

A babydoll is use as nightdress. This lingerie has cut off at the limb and with light and thin straps. Babydoll often made of silk or any another flowing material.

It have padded or shaped cups in it which enhance smaller breasts. It is the best choice for the ladies who are less confidence about their waist-line or hip area as they tend to flow out from just below the chest. It’s thin straps help to reduce the impression of broad shoulders.


Camisole for women

This is the types of lingerie that women is overlooked. A camisole is like a little vest that can wear beneath a low cut top or jacket, therefore Yon can avoid revealing more than you would like. They have a pretty detail along the top that makes them more attractive.

Camisoles are cut to adore your shape but they is wear fairly loose. This camisoles are made of silk or glossy fabric. A camisole can wear on its own or matched with short-style bottoms in the same floaty material. They are used as a luxurious and sensual alternative to a nightdress.

9. Chemise

Chemise for women

Chemise is similar to a babydoll although cut its straighter and less floaty. It is a short dress and made of light material such as cotton or silk. Length of chemise vary from the mid-thigh to finishes around the knees.

Basically a chemise is a very simple shirt or robe worn under the clothes. Its basis purpose is to keep sweat and body oils from from staining and spread to the outer garment.

In recent era it is popular in the name of slips. It is also used as sleepwear. It is the best thing for your intimate night.